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Oct 13, 2012 4:21pm EDT
for the environment. the technology that makes it happen will help america stay on the cutting edge for decades to come. just this week, gm announced they planned to hire 1500 workers for a new research center in michigan to make sure the high-tech cars of tomorrow are designed and built right here in america. i have also signed a new trade agreement into law because i want to see cars from -- all of this is something that american people can and should be proud of. is a reminder that there is nothing we can do. the next time we -- you see one of those brand new 2013 models on tv or on the lot, think how far we have come together. think about the hard work and can-do spirit of the american people. more of those cars and trucks are being manufactured by american workers and american companies. it will save you money at the pump. that is what america is all about. we get knocked down, we get back up. thanks and have a good weekend. >> hi, i am markwayne mullin. i met and married my high-school sweetheart here. we run a plumbing company here. a lot of people call me a congressman. i do not want to
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1